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Post  sic on Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:37 pm

hi coolkal, good job Smile
the new area is great, but they give in my opinion to less experience. You made this area for players 70+ on which i agree, but killing there is only for drops and not for leveling.I made like 10% in one hour @ lvl 79. For Mages it's still hard to level real quick, because the best place for highlevel chars is lizard2 and this is real hard and boring for mages attacking like 4-5 minutes on one mob. Don't get me wrong, I dont want the monsters in the temple raisen up my expbar like hell, but a little more like 0,2-0,5% if they are yellow would be great. With this I would be able to mention something ^^
Another topic i want to talk about is the fact that we can "buy" skillpoints. It's a wunderful idea that i can use skills of both jobs, but being able to skill all of them @ level50 by buying tons of points is exaggerated. In my opinion it would be better not to be able to buy points, because e.g. as Hermit you are able to skill all necessary skills with like ~lvl 70 if you want all storms and so on, and after this i have lots of skill points left that are unused, so then i can decide if i skill some skills of CJB..
the third thing i want to talk about is the new weapons. i have my g65 stick now and it still has more damage output then g70 and g80. g90 is the same damage, so when i hit this lvl i will change. I think it's a pity, that they only give a little add to statpoints and otp (useless for mage). I dont know how difficult it is to change this, but i heard lots of voices ingame that are the same opinion like i am, to raise up damage, that we have a real reason to swap or weapons to higher grades.

regards Engel aka sic

to all the others here: maybe you have a different view, then just write it down, lets discuss ^^

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Re: CoolKal-Update-17-6-2008

Post  Adeno on Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:57 pm

Good morning/afternoon/evening hehe:D As for me, I found the update to be quite good. The only strange thing I noticed in the new Temple area was, if you killed a Forgotten Soul, even though they're dead, their body would remain "solid", meaning you can't go through them to pick up the items they dropped. This problem is minor, although sometimes it could get you trapped in certain places while trying to get away from some more Forgotten Souls.

As for the new grade weapons, I found them to be just slightly better than the average G65. The minimum and maximum damage is mostly the same, although for the 2H G90 I found the min/max physical damage to be actually less than the G65 by 5 points if I remember correctly Very Happy

The egging areas have been improved, and that's really nice for egg splashy mages, although some of the fairy egging areas have weird enemy spawn locations. Some of the monsters spawn on the higher area land, and you can't reach them at all, so you're usually left with 2 or 3 monsters on the main ground:( Maybe we can fix the spawn area of the eggarts to be concentrated to the main ground? Oh, and for some reason a Knight of Traitor's Hangout got lost in the egging bowl lol:D

The addition of the skill point purchase is an interesting idea and I welcome it a lot. I'm just not sure if this would give specific job classes an advantage over the other, but what I know is, it's really fun experimenting with other skills you wouldn't have tried otherwise:D

By the way, as a little wish, maybe it's possible to change the higher grade weapon models? Like use those free weapons pack from ragezone in the custom weapons pack thread Very Happy

Maybe another way to change the appearance of a weapon is by having a "Weapon Artist" npc. What a player does is, for example, if he has a G90 weapon, like a sword, he can go to the Weapon Artist NPC, and then trade the normal G90 sword for the sword design of his choice:D This would probably only work on "clean" weapons, the stats would be the same, but you get a new look for your weapon:D

In the end, the new update is a nice and welcome one, giving players something fresh to play with as well as having an improved way of egging and earning some cash:)

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Re: CoolKal-Update-17-6-2008

Post  ronjambo on Fri Jun 20, 2008 5:07 am

right ,, no problem

ill boost the stats on the weps as requested
and add some more xp to temple mobs

not sure about the custom weapon pack tho as alot of custom stuff dose look poor
and home made

but ill look into all ideas

it took ages to read through both your thoughts
so try and keep your posts short if you can or hit return every now and then

thanks much for taking the time to post

the egg bowls are actualy near the edge of the map ,,
when you was young did you ever imagin the world was flat with an end * ,, well ,, in kal it is
so i cant realy let ppl up top. but if i get time to learn how to put in safe zones
and colisions to hold in the mobs
the egg bowls would be the 1st project

*just for the record lol no i guessed it was round,, yay i was right

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Re: CoolKal-Update-17-6-2008

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